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7 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Miniature kitchen, a small space for a living room, low ceiling – all these flaws in the home can limit the possibilities to arrange it to your liking.

But not if you have enough ideas and imagination. You need only real visual tricks that will create the illusion of more space. Of course, without giving a lot of money.

Here are 7  ways to make your small room look visually larger, using the right tricks and ideas!

1. Paint with Light Hues

Dark colors are definitely design-friendly, but they make a room appear smaller. Stick to pale colors such as white, cream, pale grays and blues to keep it light, airy and open.

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2. Use Multifunctional Pieces

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Investing in furniture that serves many functions is a simple way to streamline a room. Try a vintage steamer trunk or an ottoman with built-in storage to tuck away blankets and books for a clean look.

3. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are the quickest way to make a room appear larger. While you may not want wall-to-wall, lean an oversized full-length one against a key wall or hang multiple ones salon style to create a statement wall.

4. Fold It Up

Dining tables that are small or that have drop leaves, which allow it to become smaller when not in use are ideal for small areas, meaning you can make the most of your eating-slash-living area.

5. Mount Shelves

A simple way to keep things off of the floor and free up walking space is to mount shelves. Use them to store books, picture frames, or even clothes. However, be sure to keep the colors of shelves coordinated throughout the room.

The items on the shelf should also be organized and color-coded if possible. These unique shelves constructed above the child’s desk are a great space saver and perfectly match the darker wall color.

6. Ditch Window Treatments

Skip the dark-inducing drapes and leave your windows uncovered. This will trick your eyes into thinking that your pad’s got depth — and reveal the natural landscape outside. If your room requires some privacy, try gauzy sheer white drapes for an airy feel that will keep prying eyes out.

7. Pop Your Ceilings

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While bright white opens up a room (on walls), going for a dark ceiling creates depth while fun fixtures draw your eye upward, creating the illusion of height.

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