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Homemade Aronia Liqueur

Aronia liqueur is a very popular product because of its specific sweet-sour taste, and thanks to its many medicinal properties. Aronia is very important for the prevention of heart disease and cancer, it is important to improve blood circulation and healthy blood vessels. It is used for eye health, the prevention of diabetes and stomach problems, and as a remedy for colds.

Aronia composition and health benefits

In addition to the aforementioned vitamin C, its composition also includes vitamins A, B9, E, K and P, which are important for health and bone strength, good vision and a beautiful skin.

Vitamin A maintains teeth, skeleton and keeps the soft tissue healthy and functional, so dried berries are recommended as a healthy juice and home-made liquor from chokeberry.

Vitamin B9 is known as folate or folic acid, and is necessary for the body for producing new red blood cells which carry oxygen to all the vital organs.

Vitamin K is important for blood coagulation, while vitamin E is essential for maintaining muscles and blood vessels.

Vitamin P is known for its antioxidant properties and the ability to slow down the growth of tumours.


In addition to vitamins, Aronia contains minerals and is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium and sodium.

Iron is essential for healthy blood and for the lack of it which causes anaemia, which occurs more frequently in women.

Calcium takes care of the health of bones and skeletons, regularly drink juice and liqueur of Aronia for the prevention of osteoporosis.

– The mineral potassium is essential for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and nerves.

Sodium is important for blood pressure and a number of physiological functions.

Magnesium is responsible for the proper functioning of the heart, kidney and muscles.

Manganese is an essential element essential for the normal functioning of liver, kidney and brain.

Siberian Aronia is the best and strongest antioxidant according to numerous studies, rich in phytonutrients, folate and dietary fibre. It has anthocyanins, which protect the body against inflammation and neurological diseases.

How to make Aronia liqueur at home

This product is hard to find on sale, but domestic liquor from aronia can be made at home. It will surprise for being very simple.

Aronia liqueur with brandy


– 1 kilo of fresh blueberries
– 250 grams of sugar
– grape brandy

How to make it:

Wash aronia and put it into a larger jar and then add the sugar and pour brandy. It should be enough to submerge berries. Cover the jar and leave for 5 weeks in a bright place. After that, strain the contents of the jar and the resulting liquor pour into a glass bottle.

In this way you can get a perfectly healthy and delicious liqueur with brandy, excellent for consumption before meals, as an aperitif with black coffee, for example.

Aronia liqueur with wine

3 litres of red wine
1 kg of aronia
1 kg of sugar
4 bags of vanilla
2 dl of rum

How to make it:

First boil the wine with sugar, then add the Siberian blueberry. Cook for 15-20 minutes each and then add the other ingredients and refrigerate. This excellent liqueur from Aronia with wine is free to be consume on a daily basis, but dosed.

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