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5 Indoor Gardening Mistakes

New to indoor gardening? Are your indoor plants flourishing or wilting? Check out these 5 indoor gardening mistakes beginners should avoid when starting their gardens indoor.

Mistake 1: Over-watering

Plants love water but don’t want to swim in it, so make sure your pots offer sufficient drainage. Look for pots that have a hole at the bottom that will let excess water seep out — and pair them with a saucer so you don’t have a mess.

Mistake 2: Not giving a plant enough light

Too much or too little light could be the reason why an indoor plant is struggling. Google the particular plant or ask a horticulturist at your local nursery how much light a specific indoor plant needs.

Mistake 3: Being too ambitious

Growing plants from seed isn’t easy if you’re new to gardening. There’s no shame in beginning with a starter plant from the gardening store.

Mistake 4: Leaving a plant in the same pot for too long

If a sickly-looking plant has been in a pot for over a year, transplant it into a bigger pot with fresh, well-composted soil. Chances are good that the roots have filled the pot, making it a crowded house with no room to grow.

Mistake 5: Not giving the soil a nutrient boost

Don’t rely on the potting soil your plant comes in. Feed your actively growing plants with liquid fertilizer or organic fish emulsion once a week. And if you compost, make sure to mix some into the soil.

Source: housebeautiful

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