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8 Ways to Burn Calories at the Beach

Summertime is here. Instead of working out in a stuffy gym, we now have the freedom to exercise outside.

You can burn calories everywhere you wish. There are tons of fun, active ways you can torch calories and get a workout without even realizing it, but in this post we are concentrating only on beach.

Building a sandcastle: 100 calories/hour

Indulge the kid in you by making a sandcastle. If you dig sand and carry it, and place your castle further away from the water, you’ll make multiple trips to and from your castle/water using your legs, core and arm strength to heave full buckets. That’ll burn 2-3 x the calories and give you an “interval” type workout.

Swimming: 410 calories/hour

Swimming is an awesome aerobic (cardio) workout that works your whole body. The great thing about exercising in water is that it cools you off and makes your workout feel easier than it actually is.

Jumping waves: 300 calories/hour

Perhaps one of the most fun things about the beach, jumping in the waves uses all the major muscles of your lower body, helping you build explosive speed and power. Plus, that water acts as additional resistance for an ever greater calorie burn and toning factor than jumping on land.

Beach walking and running: 330-800 calories/hour

Walking or running on deep, loose sand challenges your balance and engages more muscle fibers, which means you’ll burn 30% more calories than walking or running on a flat surface, even when working at the same speed!

Fishing: 120-150 calories/hour

Fishing is a relaxing stress reliever for many. While it doesn’t count as exercise it’s one of those activity “bonuses” that keep you moving, which is always better than being totally sedentary. Plus, if you can eat the fish you catch, you’re doing your body well!

Playing Frisbee: 175 calories/hour

Frisbee is a fun activity that engages your shoulders and arms while improving hand-eye coordination. Like fishing, it’s part of an active lifestyle, but generally doesn’t take the place of a workout.

Beach racquetball, badminton, and paddleball: 300-450 calories/hour

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These fun games use your full body, and help improve speed, agility and hand-eye coordination. One thing all of these games have in common is that they involve bursts of high-intensity effort followed by a little downtime or rest, which is also known as interval training—and a great way to train your heart and lungs while burning major calories.

Beach volleyball: 500 calories/hour

Beach volleyball calls on your hips and legs for running and jumping and your upper body for striking the ball — it also builds team spirit among all participants.


*Calories burned estimates based on a 150-pound female




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