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9 Gardening Mistakes that Most People are Making

It is surprisingly easy to make mistakes while gardening, and it is even easier to not know you are making mistakes at all. Here are 9 common gardening mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1

The easiest gardening mistake is purchasing unhealthy plants from the nursery. When shopping for plants inspect the leaves for discoloration , and look for insect damage. Buying healthy plants is the key to having a healthy garden all year long.

Mistake #2

This is yet another mistake that occurs at the nursery. Don’t be tricked into buying plants that are already in full bloom. They may look stunning on the way to the register, but it is best to let the plants fully bloom at home.

Mistake #3

Most people have no idea what the dimensions of their garden are, which makes it hard to buy the adequate number of plants. Bring a photo of your garden with you, and write the measurements on the back of it. The florists at the nursery will be able to help you pick the right number of plants.


Believe it or not, it is crucial to determine a color scheme when gardening. Many people overlook this, and their flowers overshadow one another, creating a messy vibe.


Mistake #5

Many gardeners think that they have to do everything alone, and that asking questions is some sort of sin! When plant shopping, remember that the nursery workers are there to help you! Feel free to ask any questions, chances are, you’ll leave with the correct information!

Mistake #6

Another commonly made mistake is not giving plants adequate room to grow. It is important that each leaf has sunlight, when over crowded by other plants or weeds, it makes it hard for the plants to receive enough sunlight.

Mistake #7

Never forget to fertilize (and most people do!) Make sure that you are applying fertilizer as recommended on the package label. You will be glad you did!

Mistake #8

Many gardeners also tend to forget about the soil. Without good soil, a garden could not possibly be expected to thrive. Begin tending your soil in early spring. Once tended, give the soil time to rest before planting.

Mistake #9

Different sized seeds need to be planted at different depths. The larger the seed, the deeper it needs to be planted. Many forget about this, and plant seeds too deep or too shallow, which dries out the seeds or causes the sprouts to fail.

Source: beesandroses

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